Bringing Hands-On Technology

Programs to K-12 Students at No Cost

Bringing Hands-On Technology

Programs to K-12 Students at No Cost

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Our Mission

We are dedicated to preparing students in underserved communities for rewarding careers, by removing barriers and providing accessible STEM learning programs at no cost to the students or families.

The Problem

The Minnesota High Tech Association predicts that by 2025 the state will have nearly 200,000 tech jobs. Yet, many of Minnesota’s low-income and minority students – who represent nearly 40% of the state’s student population – do not have equal access to the resources and training needed to meet this demand.

Our Solution

We partner with like-minded community organizations to bring quality, hands-on STEM learning to inner-city Minneapolis youth—especially young women and students from racial minority backgrounds in order to bridge skills and experience gaps, and help more students succeed in higher education and today’s job market.

How We Close the Gap

The value of createMPLS is that it delivers hands on technology and engineering programming to schools that wouldn’t otherwise have access.  The best part is that the programming takes place on site at my children’s school!  As parents, we don’t have to drive our children to the programs, it comes to us!


CreateMPLS helps to expose students to technology and careers that they may not know exist.  This really holds true to those underserved populations which may not be aware of the extremely rewarding and life sustaining careers that have a high demand for qualified workers with a 2-year affordable degree. The careers students are being prepared for have high income potential which will allow the individual to make enough income to sustain their future and allow them to have the time and ability to positively impact their community.

Jeff ThorstadFaculty of Automated Robotics at Hennepin Tech

What makes CreateMPLS special is they didn’t just teach me how to use technology, they made me realize that the ability to use technology had been within me all along. They helped my friends and I recognize our talents and passions, and taught us that no racial, gender or economic barrier could stand in our way.

AbigailcreateMPLS graduate and current employee

Coding has been great for the students. We tried this type of program in the past without success, but I feel what createMPLS provides is a great fit and has helped the students feel successful. You have already shown how replicable your programs can be. Thanks for sharing your energy and passion!

NicholeUrban Ventures

As a small non-profit who provides free programming, we need a community with a variety of resources, experience, relationships, abilities, and availability


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createMPLS was chosen as a 2022 MN Cup semifinalist in the top 10 organizations for the ‘Impact Ventures’ category! We are looking forward to continuing in this journey with MN Cup to further our mission of preparing students for the future of work through hands-on, accessible STEM programs. 

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