How createMPLS Builds a Successful Program

Build Foundational Relationships

The relationships we foster with host sites, teachers, parents and students are critical to our program success. We are invested in understanding the community better in order to build a program that is designed to succeed. At Hope Academy we began these relationships in 2015 through competitive teams that engaged students and their parents. 

Create Structure through Consistency

As we build relationships with families and host sites it’s important for us to remain consistent for our students despite barriers we may face. In 2020 at Hope Academy we began implementing classroom programs, when students were sent home we pivoted to opportunities that allowed students to learn from a distance. With an understanding of the students’ ability levels, and host site goals we design a structured plan that engages and inspires students over the course of their K-12 education.  

Implement, Observe and Improve

We work with host sites and teachers to implement the structured plan. During implementation, we make observations of what aspects of the programs are going well and what need to be adjusted in order to better serve our students. We recognize that the most important voices to tell us about how our students are doing are the people in their lives. With this in mind, we make an effort of including parents, teachers and community members on our board, and reaching out for their regular feedback.

Successful Program

Through this process we have developed a strong relationship with host sites. At Hope Academy we are working in every grade from preschool through 12th grade, with over 80% of their students. This partnership involves providing classroom support and programs, competitive teams and learning labs outside of school, and providing assistance to staff as they develop their STEM structured curriculum.

Time and time again, I am encouraged by the support that CreateMPLS has given our school in the area of technology instruction. I am extremely grateful for the opportunities in technology that our students have because of CreateMPLS. 

Nathan ZieglerUpper School Principal

I didn’t know what to expect with a robotics program for such little kids, but it was amazing.  My expectations were far more than met! The students were interested and engaged immediately. I loved that the curriculum offered ample space for each child to use their imagination and creativity in the process of building. As an early elementary educator, I loved seeing the flexibility of giving each student room to create with hands-on programming; fostering that creative freedom and imaginative play is so vital for brain development.  

Sandy HaydenElementary Teacher

As a high school teacher I’ve seen the benefit that our more advanced students have gotten from these programs.  In many ways several of them are well beyond any of the staff in their ability to code and build robots.  CreateMPLS has allowed them to embrace challenge and go after things they are interested in.

Ben JohnsonHigh School Director