How we close the Gap

Hands-on and Engaging

Many students struggle with online, lectures, and/or other uninteresting styles of learning. createMPLS provides evidence-based, in-person youth STEM programming with a low adult to student ratio to make sure each student gets the opportunity to explore and understand technology. Utilizing learn through play and gamification principles increases the students interest in learning and contributing to the team.

Removing Barriers

A significant challenge to preparing students for the future of work in technology is making opportunities accessible by removing barriers of knowledge, transportation, and cost. All createMPLS programs are offered free of charge. We partner with host sites where children are already gathered for school or community service, limiting the barrier of transportation. Finally, we provide programming early and often to engage children and support the formation of an identity that STEM careers are for anyone.

Collaboration and Partnership

Host sites: Going to where schools and nonprofits are already working with underserved students in a variety of ways removes barriers and strengthens the impact that can be made on students.

Community: Working with people from the community helps develop programs that work well for them, grows the number of people served, and provides avenues to expand to more locations with credibility.

Tech schools & businesses: Affirmation of the need for these types of K-12 programs is clear and repeated from industry professionals. Because of this, they invest their time, talent, and treasure into increasing equity for quality technology learning programs.